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In today’s world, technology has made communication easier than ever before. However, with increasing usage comes the possibility of digital abuse. Digital abuse can take many forms, from constantly checking your phone to hacking into your accounts. Parfitt Cresswell represents clients who are suffering from digital abuse in the UK. Learn more about the laws surrounding digital abuse.

What Is Digital Abuse?

Digital abuse encompasses a wide range of harmful behaviours that involve the use of technology to threaten, monitor, harass, or control individuals. In certain cases, this can constitute domestic abuse. This includes various forms of unwanted communication, such as persistent text messages, internet stalking, online peer pressure or blackmail, and the non-consensual sharing of intimate images. Perpetrators often use digital tools to monitor and intimidate their victims, leaving them feeling powerless and isolated. The consequences of digital abuse can be far-reaching, impacting emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It is important to raise awareness of this issue and create a safe online environment for all.

What Are the Signs of Digital Abuse?

Recognising that you are a victim of digital abuse can be a challenging realisation. The signs may not always be obvious and can slowly emerge over time, making it even more difficult to identify. Perpetrators employ various tactics to exert control over their victims, including incessantly checking their phones, closely monitoring their online activities, and resorting to online threats. These actions can create an atmosphere of fear and coercion, perpetuating the cycle of abuse. Some of the signs to look out for could include (but not limited to):

  • You feel scared or anxious when checking your phone or opening your computer
  • Your partner monitors or controls your social media or email accounts; changes passwords to prevent you having access only when they are agreeable
  • You’re actively choosing to avoid digital communication to avoid your partner’s response
  • Your partner has created fake social media or email accounts to try to contact you or is putting unpleasant comments on your social media accounts to denigrate you to others and this can be done in various forms.
  • Evidence of your abuse is deleted from your phone or other digital advice

What Measures Can I Take to Protect Myself?

In the UK, any kind of domestic abuse is a criminal offence. This includes digital abuse. Parfitt Cresswell’s team of family law solicitors can offer legal advice and support to help you protect yourself and your family through the court system. We will help you define the abusive behaviour, support you through the court process, and work to get you the appropriate court order. Non-molestation orders protect you and your family from violence, the threat of violence, and harassment. Meanwhile, an occupation order will help you secure your home and exclude the abuser.

MyNARA is a useful tool that can assist you in keeping a record of the abuse you have experienced and ensuring it remains undiscovered by your abuser.

MyNARA is a web and mobile recovery app provides narcissistic abuse victims with advice and support to end their isolation.

The app provides a way for victims to secretly and safely store evidence and keep a record of their abuse and is designed to help get justice.

Cloaked on the user’s phone the App disguises itself meaning the user can secretly upload video, picture and audio content. In addition, the App is password protected so that were the abuser to discover it they would be unable to access it.

Evidence is stored in the secret cloud storage meaning it is irrelevant if the device is destroyed by the abuser in an attempt to delete evidence.

The App also gives victims expert support, as well as addressing other common challenges faced by those experiencing domestic abuse.

To find out more about the My Trauma Therapy and MyNARA, visit their website: - where vital expert information and advice regarding narcissistic abuse can be found.

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Digital abuse is a real and growing concern for many in the UK. It can be even harder to recognise than traditional forms of abuse, leading victims to feel isolated and powerless. Fortunately, Parfitt Cresswell has a team of experienced family law solicitors ready to assist you in taking legal action against your abuser. We will listen, support, and advise you throughout the legal process. Please reach out to us today to request a free consultation.

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