Debt Actions

We can assist with initial assessments of debt claims against third parties, or third parties that are looking to claim against you or your company.

Generally speaking, claims of £10,000 or under will fall within the Small Claims Court limit, and so no costs are recoverable win or lose, save in exceptional circumstances, which are highly unlikely to apply. We can advise whether it is viable to defend or indeed take action against a third party.

We also look, at a very early stage, at the prospects of enforcing any judgment, if that can be obtained, as well as the likely fees recoverable from the other side, win or lose.

More substantial claims will, from 1 October 2023, from £10,001 up to £100,000, fall within the Fast or Intermediate Tracks, where fixed costs will apply.

Claims over £100,000 will go into the Multi Track, where there are no fixed costs, presently.

We can assess the evidence available, the prospects of successfully either defending or pursuing a claim, with the likely legal costs involved to you, to make sure that you are fully aware of the prospects of successfully running your claim.

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