Plot Assembly, Development & Strategic Land

Plot assembly refers to the process of acquiring and combining multiple parcels of land into a unified plot suitable for development. Typically, property developers assemble separate parcels of land with the goal of creating a larger, more valuable plot which can be used for a specific purpose, such as residential, commercial, or mixed-use development.

Plot assembly will involve negotiations with multiple property owners the participation of each of which is necessary to make the project viable – a cross between putting together a jigsaw puzzle and playing poker. At the same time there will be other ongoing legal considerations and coordination with local planning authorities. The process may require planning agreements, community infrastructure levy and section 106 agreements. All of this needs to be dealt with to ensure that the assembled plot meets the requirements and objectives of the intended development.

Effective development work requires collaboration with lawyers who possess the requisite experience and technical expertise to advise you through the stages of development, from plot assembly all the way through to plot-sales. Our team possess a thorough understanding of the complexities associated with plot assembly (both for immediate development and as long term, strategic land acquisition), providing precise and attentive guidance throughout the whole process - we take pride in our capacity to offer guidance every step of way. If you would like to discuss land assembly and development with a member of our commercial property team, please contact us today.

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