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Residential Property

If you discover trespassers or squatters in your property or on your land you will need an order from the court in order to remove them.

As a landlord, you may occasionally find that it is necessary to take action to recover possession of a property against your tenant(s).

Affordable housing is a general term to cover a variety of government sponsored schemes to help home buyers enter the housing market.

Buying a property abroad seems to be fast becoming a British obsession. The idea of owning a bolt-hole in the sun is not only viewed as a significant lifestyle choice, but also as an important investment to either bring in a regular income or provide a lump-sum nest egg to supplement retirement.

Buying or selling a home is often classed as one of the most stressful undertakings you'll ever make.

As many as 25 percent of sites have major problems that mean they either cannot be developed or will not make a profit so getting an expert property development solicitor involved, before you purchase the land, is crucial to resolve potential problems or manage any risk.

Do I need planning permission?

Listed buildings, and those buildings which stand within a conservation area, are covered by protective legislation.

Buying a timeshare involves procuring the right to spend a specified period of time in an overseas property, such as a studio apartment or villa within a holiday resort, on an annual basis.

Moving house is a momentous - and at times stressful - life event, and many people looking to buy and sell property engage the services of an estate agent to help make the process run as smoothly as possible. Nevertheless, things don't always go according to plan. Buying and selling property represents a significant financial (and emotional) investment, so it is important to put in place measures to reduce the likelihood of any issues arising, and to know where to turn in the event that you do experience any problems.

Disputes over the position of a boundary or rights over a neighbouring property, are often impossible to resolve to the satisfaction of both parties, and in many residential cases the costs involved in litigating the matter are many times the value of the land involved.

You’ve found the perfect place to live. You’re happy there, and you don’t want to change, and then a developer comes along and wants to build a new estate (or worse) right next to your home. What can you do to stop it?

Sharing a property with an elderly relative may seem to be the perfect answer to rising property prices, and concerns over care for the elderly, but people contemplating such an arrangement should be aware of the legal and practical problems which may arise. There are a number of different ways to share property, but an equal number of pitfalls, whether legal, financial or relating to tax.

We consider what the key areas of for investing in property, looking at rental income, along with all the other costs and outgoings.

We look at the key areas to consider for the purchaser in a land transaction, whether this is buying a house or creating a lease or assigning a lease, a purchaser is required to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT).

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