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General Business

At some stage, those who have built up and are running a business may wish to sell it in order to realise value from it. Or they may wish to exit the business at a particular point in time, e.g. on retirement. This factsheet outlines some key considerations for those thinking of buying or selling businesses which are incorporated as private companies.

Ensuring that you are protected against potential health and safety litigation is a necessary part of managing your business. However, this obligation now carries even greater significance following the recent changes to the law on corporate manslaughter.

This factsheet considers how you can increase your awareness of the factors that indicate fraud. It also sets out the defences that you can implement to minimise the risk within your business.

Identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK. According to Home Office statistics an estimated 100,000 people are affected by the offence every year, leading to annual losses of more than £1.7 billion. A series of high-profile data breaches have fuelled concerns over the scale of the threat, bringing the issue firmly into the public domain.

We outline the procedures to be adopted with regards to the regulations aimed at preventing money laundering.

The key features of a Limited Liability Partnership.

When starting a new business, you will no doubt recognise the need for insurance. It can provide compensation and peace of mind should things go wrong but can also represent a significant cost. We consider the types of insurance you may need.

Every business needs finance - we look at what type of finance is best suited to the development of your business.

The financing of your business is the most fundamental aspect of its management. Get the financing right and you will have a healthy business, positive cash flows and ultimately a profitable enterprise. We summarise the means of finance that are available and where we can help.

This factsheet considers what company information has to be made available and looks at whether a company secretary needs to be appointed.

Becoming a director carries with it potentially onerous duties. Make sure you know what those duties are. This factsheet gives guidance on directors’ responsibilities.

We consider if your business is eligible for a grant.

There are many reasons why you may need to calculate the value of your business. This factsheet consider the range of methods available as well as some of the factors to consider during the process.

Many businesses think of their valuable business assets in terms of tangible items such as premises, equipment and people. However there are a whole range of intangible business assets collectively known as intellectual property which can bring you many valuable business benefits. Every business should know how to protect and exploit these rights.

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