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Family Matters

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 came into operation on 5 December 2005 and enables a same-sex couple to register as civil partners of each other.

Generally speaking, we are all free to dispose of our assets as we want to. However, the law does provide protection for people who have been financially dependant on the deceased. This protection comes in the shape of the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975; known as the Inheritance Act.

Issues relating to shared assets (eg the matrimonial home) and ongoing financial arrangements eg maintenance for children are possibly the most complex aspect of any divorce settlement.

Sharing property with the elderly

What to do when someone dies

Many parents seeing their children struggle to buy a house – either through lack of capital for a deposit, or the inability to meet monthly mortgage payments – will want to help.

An introduction to the taxation in the UK of income arising outside the UK for non UK domiciled individuals.

A pension is a future asset of a party as well as a future source of income, and as such will be taken into account in a financial settlement.

From April 6 2011 all separating couples will have to at least show that they have been in contact with an accredited mediator and have considered how mediation might work for them. If, having considered mediation, they reject the option, then they will still have the option of taking the matter to court.

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