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Employment and Pensions

Both the nature of the workforce and patterns of work have changed dramatically over recent years and there is now in place a host of legislation designed to protect employees from discrimination.

Ensuring that you are protected against potential health and safety litigation is a necessary part of managing your business. However, this obligation now carries even greater significance following the recent changes to the law on corporate manslaughter.

No-one likes a claim being brought against them for discrimination. It takes time and resources to deal with, and can cause serious damage to a firm's reputation. Taking a few sensible precautions can reduce the chances of a claim, and significantly reduce the chances of any claim being successful.

Garden leave or "gardening leave" is the name given to a period where an employee has given, or has been given, notice of dismissal and is ordered to serve out the period of notice at home, whilst still receiving their normal salary.

Dealing with age discrimination can be a complicated matter, especially when making sure the correct systems and processes are in place to avoid such acts. We consider the issues that may be important to you here.

We consider their entitlement and some complications of annual leave, including payment, entitlement and sickness during leave.

We consider the key areas that can be involved in employee dismissal, whether it is looking at statutory procedure, possible unfair dismissal claims or simply the right to dismiss an employee.

We provide information, practical tips and processes (including a checklist) to help your business remain, or become compliant.

Guidance to help you make sure that your business is complying with the law when it comes to employing staff to work in the UK.

We consider how to best manage absence procedures.

We look at the main principles of the minimum wage regulations, considering the various rates, along with the penalties for failure to comply.

We outline elements such as the legal procedures to be followed and statutory redundancy pay, along with other key principles concerned with the redundancy of employees.

We look at an employer's obligations to pay statutory payments and the processes involved.

Read our Seven sensible steps to follow whilst recruiting, which should help you avoid mistakes.

Employers can help promote retirement benefits for their employees in a number of ways including occupational schemes.

Recruiting the right staff is the key to success for any business. The recruitment process, however, can be problematic and costly if you do not address the issue of discrimination from the very beginning.

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