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Commercial Landlord Punished for Failing to Arrange Building Insurance

Commercial landlords usually bear the burden of arranging building insurance and any failure to do so can expose all concerned to the risk of catastrophic loss. In one case, a landlord who failed in that

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Pub Must Close After Restrictive Covenant Declared Pointless

Covenants that restrict the use of land can be discharged or modified if they have ceased to serve a useful purpose and are of no real benefit to local people. In one case that proved this point, the Upper

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Insuring a Risk? Absolute Frankness Is the Best Policy!

When you take out an insurance policy, it might seem tempting to minimise the risk insured against with a view to reducing the premium. However, one High Court case concerning a catastrophic property fire

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Planning Decisions Must Be Consistent and In Line With Published Policy

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has broad planning powers, but he has to exercise them consistently and in accordance with his own published policies. The High Court powerfully

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Oops! Landlord Grants 2,000-Year Lease By Mistake

Landlords court disaster if they fail to take legal advice before granting a tenancy. If ever there was a case that proved the point it must be that of a property company that wished to grant a lease for

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