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Commercial Property Bulletin

WHY BUSINESSES NEED OFFICESWith the easing of lockdown restrictions on 19th July, one question that is being asked almost daily is what is the future of offices? Will working from home be the new normal?

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Ground Rents to be Scrapped for New Residential Leases

Over recent years there have been increasing cases in the news regarding escalating, unfair and excessive ground rents and the pressing need for reform of the antiquated leasehold system in England and

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Commercial Property Bulletin 7

Commercial Property Bulletin 7: Lease, Licence, Tenancy at Will - the differences explained IntroductionThis article deals with the issues that owners of commercial premises may face when trying to

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Commercial Property Bulletin 5

Last month’s commercial property bulletin focused on retail and the potential shape of the High Street of the future, discussing the way in which the Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated a more flexible

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Commercial Property Bulletin 4

Whilst the residential property market in the southeast appears to be holding up against the ravages of the recession, there are signs that Covid-19 is starting to take its toll on the commercial real

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Commercial Property Bulletin 3

Directors BewareAn interesting case was decided by the Court of Appeal at the end of July this year that sheds light on individual shareholders rights to inspect a leaseholder-owned management company’s

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Commercial Property Bulletin 2

Every cloud has a ……………….Pandemics and recessions demand creativity, a principle that applies as much to commercial property as it does to all other areas of business.  The usually slow

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New Code of Practice for commercial property relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic

Over the last 3 months we at Parfitt Cresswell have been advising landlords and tenants on the different ways in which they can help each other deal with the shocks caused by the pandemic. Our advice has

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Parfitt Cresswell Monthly Commercial Property Bulletin 1

With the June quarter day approaching this month both landlords and tenants of commercial premises will no doubt be concerned as to whether the rents due under their lease will or can be paid. This is

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The Impact of Covid-19 upon commercial leases

The impact of Covid-19 on commercial leases will present challenges for landlords and tenants alike, the big issues being the ongoing payment of rent and provision of services.Landlords and tenants should

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