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Powers of Attorney – Make 2020 the year to update yours

What is the need for having Powers of Attorney in place?  According to the Office of National Statistics, males aged 65 in 2018 could expect to live for a further 19.9 years and females for 22 more years. 

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Your Property – Septic Tank Over spill

If you are buying or selling a property that has a Septic tank, you need to be aware of your obligations under the new legislation. Are you aware of the changes in law that came into effect from the 1st

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Opposite Sex Civil Partnerships – What’s the difference?

The 31st December 2019 marked the eagerly awaited first day of registration of heterosexual couples entering into civil partnerships.  This official day follows the Civil Partnership (Opposite-Sex Couples)

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Your Will: Planning ahead for peace of mind

Let’s face it, none of us like to think too much about getting older or planning what will happen to our assets when we’re gone.  It’s hardly surprising then that more than half of UK adults don’t

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Good morning, good morning, good morning……

Good morning as © Lennon and McCartney sang.  Most of us have a chaotic wake up regime, alarm goes off, hit snooze button, over sleep, nagging kids, miss breakfast, out of the door, late for work, in

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Divorce – It’s not your fault

Quite often the most sensible solution is divorce, but sometimes no one is at fault.  What then is the best way to resolve the matter?  There is now a much needed reform to current family law.   Eve

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There are many things to consider and get in order for selling your commercial property.  This can be overwhelming.  Although with some careful planning and preparation you can ensure that the sale is

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DIY Probate Could Come Back to Bite

Probate is a vitally important part of the Will process.  This is dealing with the valued, and often treasured, possessions, property and money (assets) left by the person who has died.  Attempting to

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In this newsletter, I am concentrating on just one case. It is not even an appeal case and therefore sets no precedent. However, the Employment Tribunal case of Ball – v- First

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How to Adopt Step-Children in the UK

  How to adopt step-children in the UK is always a big topic when it comes to family law, as blended families are becoming more and more common as parents separate and enter into new relationships

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