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Equal Sharing Principle Rigorously Applied in £1 Billion Divorce Case

The equal sharing principle applies in the vast majority of divorce cases nowadays – even where the sums of money involved are truly enormous. In one High Court case exactly on point, a billionaire oil

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Has the Time Finally Come for ‘No Fault’ Divorce? – Court of Appeal Ruling

In an important decision, the Court of Appeal has called upon Parliament to consider the introduction of ‘no fault’ divorce that does not depend upon either unreasonable behaviour or

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Signing a Will? The Rules Are Strict So Don’t Do It Without A Lawyer!

Rules about the signing of wills are strict and shop-bought will forms are no replacement for professionally drafted documents. A recent High Court case showed the wisdom of having a solicitor present

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Autumn Statement

On Wednesday 23 November the Chancellor Philip Hammond presented his first, and last, Autumn Statement along with the Spending Review. His speech and the supporting documentation set out both tax and economic

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Wealthy Pensioner Triumphs in Lasting Power of Attorney Case

A high net worth pensioner, who was reluctant to give up control of his fortune and laid down intricate conditions before signing a lasting power of attorney (LPA), has struck a blow for the right of everyone

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Divorced Businessman Pays £2.7 Million Price of Failing to Disclose Assets

Anyone tempted to hide their assets in divorce proceedings should take careful note of a case in which a businessman paid a £2.7 million price for his failure to be frank with his ex-wife. She was awarded

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Oops! Landlord Grants 2,000-Year Lease By Mistake

Landlords court disaster if they fail to take legal advice before granting a tenancy. If ever there was a case that proved the point it must be that of a property company that wished to grant a lease for

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Marrying Late In Life? How Would Your Wealth Be Divided on Divorce?

When people marry late in life they often bring substantial wealth to the marriage and the manner in which such assets should be divided on divorce is often a burning question. The High Court tackled that

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Love Is Blind – See a Lawyer Before Parting With Your Money!

Love is blind and can sometimes lead you into financial folly & the right legal advice, however, can help you to pick up the pieces. In one case, the High Court came to the aid of a wealthy divorcee

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