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Property Bulletin

As the latest national lockdown continues to suppress large parts of the UK economy the housing sector remains relatively buoyant.  In fact, the residential property market is not just buoyant, it

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Private Client Bulletin 6

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.  This famous extract from Benjamin Franklin’s letter still rings true today, 232 years later.  And yet, research

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Family Law Bulletin 8: Inherited Wealth within Matrimonial Proceedings

Inherited Wealth within Matrimonial ProceedingsThe treatment of inherited wealth upon divorce has been the focus of much discussion in recent years and it is true to say that there is no singular approach

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Employment Law Bulletin 11

Third Party Pressure This bulletin examines what employers should be doing if they are facing significant pressure from a third party to dismiss one of their employees.  This pressure could come from

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Commercial Property Bulletin 6

WHY BUSINESSES NEED OFFICESAs we now sit in the middle of another lockdown period, one question that is being asked almost daily is what is the future of offices? Will working from home be the new normal?

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Private Client Bulletin 5

Will you be my Executor? You might think this is a question to which you do not actually have to give a lot of thought to, but consider who it is asking the question – how well do you know this person,

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David Williams

David WilliamsDavid joined the firm in January 2021 and is a Solicitor with 20 years’ experience. Specialising in residential conveyancing, David deals with all aspects of conveyancing including

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Family Law Bulletin 7: Impact of Brexit on Family Law

For 46 years, the United Kingdom enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with Europe promoting the free movement of goods, people and fair competition laws but all that changed on 12th March 2019, which marked

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Employment Law Bulletin 10

Stress ClaimsFurther to our recent article on bullying in the workplace, this article focuses on the closely related topic of stress in the workplace and the actions that employers can take to defend themselves

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Legal Hour Radio Interview – Shareholder Agreements with Legal Expert Jensen Bourke

2020 has been a challenging year and one that has unquestionably focused the mind on the things nearest and dearest to us.It has reminded us of the importance of safeguarding our family and loved ones

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