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Family Bulletin 10: Nuptial Agreements

You would be forgiven for questioning the validity of Nuptial Agreements, as before 2010 little credence was afforded to them by the courts in this country.  What is a Nuptial Agreement? A Pre-Nuptial

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Employment Bulletin 13: Maternity

Following our recent bulletin on the rights and responsibilities relating to pregnancy, in this bulletin we are focusing on maternity leave and returning to work following a period of maternity.Employees

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Commercial Property Bulletin 7

Commercial Property Bulletin 7: Lease, Licence, Tenancy at Will - the differences explained IntroductionThis article deals with the issues that owners of commercial premises may face when trying to

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Family Law Bulletin 9: Changes to Domestic Abuse laws

The pandemic has had a massive impact on victims of domestic abuse. At its worst point during the first lockdown, a joint investigation between Panorama and Women's Aid showed that a domestic abuse call

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Employment Law Bulletin 12

Employment Law Bulletin 12: Pregnancy This bulletin will cover the various rights that an employee has when they become pregnant and some of the issues that employers will need to carefully navigate when

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Property Bulletin

As the latest national lockdown continues to suppress large parts of the UK economy the housing sector remains relatively buoyant.  In fact, the residential property market is not just buoyant, it

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Private Client Bulletin 6

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.  This famous extract from Benjamin Franklin’s letter still rings true today, 232 years later.  And yet, research

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Family Law Bulletin 8: Inherited Wealth within Matrimonial Proceedings

Inherited Wealth within Matrimonial ProceedingsThe treatment of inherited wealth upon divorce has been the focus of much discussion in recent years and it is true to say that there is no singular approach

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Employment Law Bulletin 11

Third Party Pressure This bulletin examines what employers should be doing if they are facing significant pressure from a third party to dismiss one of their employees.  This pressure could come from

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Commercial Property Bulletin 6

WHY BUSINESSES NEED OFFICESAs we now sit in the middle of another lockdown period, one question that is being asked almost daily is what is the future of offices? Will working from home be the new normal?

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