Terms and conditions of business

When working with another business, it's vital that you are clear on what terms this business is being done. Often, many companies leave terms and conditions out until it is too late, that's when a disagreement arises. At Parfitt Cresswell we will ensure you conduct business with other companies in terms that suit you.

Terms and conditions are essentially the guidelines of the contract between the two parties. When the point of a contract is agreed, when an offer is made and accepted, you should consider first on what terms any work will be done. Payment terms and how you would deal with any potential disagreement if a product or service does not meet the expected standard of the agreement. Planning ahead allows you to incorporate any terms you have into the original contract.

Parfitt Cresswell helps you understand how to protect your business, and agree terms of business with other companies that protect your rights, whilst limiting your liabilities. Our team of legal experts will ensure you understand what you are agreeing to, what terms to include and how to include them in to your contracts.

Our friendly, knowledgeable experts are here to provide all the help and advice you need, so, if you’re looking for legal advice to support your business, please call us today on 0800 999 4437.