Restructuring and redundancy

Making changes in your business can sometime result in redundancies. Parfitt Cresswell can help you restructure professionally and fairly, so neither your employees or your business suffer as a result.

Restructuring may occur when trying to make your business more successful, but can also be required and even unavoidable. Whatever the reason, it is important that those affected are treated fairly and proper procedures are followed. Keeping employees informed and involving them throughout the process is less likely to lead to litigation when you take the final decision.

If you are in the position of restructuring your business, or think redundancies could become a likely scenario, Parfitt Cresswell's legal experts can advise you on the best path forward. We can take you through the process of reorganising your business as well as ensuring any redundancies are handled sensitively and efficiently for your employees. From the outset our legal experts will explain the likely outcomes, advise and discuss your options and make you aware of any relevant laws. All costs and time frames will be explained throughout the process so you know precisely how to best move forward.

If you're in the process of restructuring your business, contact Parfitt Cresswell to ensure you receive the best legal service out there.