Mergers, acquisitions and disposals

When buying, selling or merging a
company, careful consideration and expert legal guidance are of the utmost
importance. Parfitt Cresswell has extensive experience in helping businesses do this
smoothly and successfully.

Mergers, acquisitions and disposals
are heavily involved transactions with many parties, such as advisors and
bankers involved. When taking on these tasks, preparation and appraising the
target business is crucial. You’re first critical steps will be: having the
required financial and legal agreements, undertaking the negotiation and
conducting due diligence and arranging the price and deal structure.

At Parfitt Cresswell we will work with you to successfully
negotiate and complete the right deal for you. Our team of specialists will
take you through the process of any deal you make with honest transparency and
efficiency, enabling you to know any decisions you take are made with
confidence. All our costs are upfront and any and all queries will be answered
as soon as possible, so you know your deal is being handled professionally and

At Parfitt Cresswell, you can trust us to help your
transaction go through smoothly, no matter how complicated it may become.  Take the first step and call us today on 0800 999 4437