When facing a dispute in your business, it’s often a costly and time consuming process and sometimes even damaging. Mediation is often taken as an alternative and professional way of resolving a dispute. At Parfitt Cresswell we have a dedicated team of professionals who can mediate for you, so that you can focus on running your business.

Business disputes are disruptive in many damaging and time consuming ways. If you have a falling out with a customer or another company, it can negatively impact your business and its image  in the world. If litigation is sought, this process can often be lengthy and expensive which may result in preventing a successful and mutual resolution.

Mediation is an alternative and highly successful way of resolving any disputes you may be facing. At Parfitt Cresswell we have a trained team of mediation experts who will take you through the process and how agreements can and will be made between all parties involved. Mediation as a process is far more favourable than litigation, due to costs and the general level of mutual satisfaction and resolution that comes from open and honest mediation. Our team of specialists at Parfitt Cresswell will lay out extensive time frames and costs for your mediation so you can focus on putting whatever dispute to rest and maintaining your business.

To help you resolve your dispute in a different way, contact Parfitt Cresswell today on 0800 999 4437.