Legal health check for businesses

Much like ourselves, all businesses need a health check from time to time, to ensure it’s running at maximum efficiency. At Parfitt Cresswell, we can make sure you business is running at its best. We can check the appropriate legalities are in place, where you could be at risk and what needs updating.

As a business owner, you’ll be aware of certain legal obligations you are responsible for maintaining. That’s why taking the time to proactively review your business and the law can be helpful. Is the structure of your business still viable? Would a limited liability partnership be more appropriate? What, if any procedures do you have in place in the event of a retirement or even a death of a director or shareholder? Is your business lease due for review soon? Are you prepared if key employees were to leave potentially taking your ideas and customers with them? What legal safeguards do you have to prevent this?

Taking the time to conduct a business health check can help you establish how protected your business is. At Parfitt Cresswell, we can help you conduct a top to bottom legal health check. You’ll be asked to provide your company documents with one of our legal experts. We’ll take you through your options and offer advice for the best course of your business. If you decide to take action, likely costs, timescales and actions will be broken down and explained from the outset. If no action is required you can rest assured that your business is in a healthy condition, once our team has completed their check.

To find out about the Parfitt Cresswell legal health check, please get in touch on 0800 9752816.