Joint ventures

If you are looking to grow or diversify your own business, working with another company can be an ideal path to take. A joint venture is like any commercial relationship, you need the appropriate legal agreements in place to ensure that both sides are clear on their role and responsibilities.

Joint Ventures can seem straightforward on the outside. Two business joining together to better one another. However both parties involved need to be clear and aware on what the venture relates to. How long will it exist? How are assets and equity divided and who controls what aspect of the partnership? As well as this shares, revenue and investment will require careful thought and consideration. Since joint ventures can be arranged in a variety of forms depending on the businesses involved, its crucial both parties agree on which best suits their project.

Before entering into any Joint agreement, talk to one of our experts at Parfitt Cresswell. Using our expertise we work in partnership with you to ensure your interests are documented and protected in the proper way. Our legal experts work in tandem with you and your new partner to allow all parties to make the best of this new adventure.