Employment tribunals

Disputes within the workplace can often feel like a drain on management time and company resources. At Parfitt Cresswell we’ll help you deal with these disputes in a correct, fair and timely manner.

Regardless of industry, disputes between employers and employees can occur from time to time due to a multitude of reasons. As an employer, it should be your desire to want to deal with these disputes as quickly and easily as possible, as to not take away time and resources from your business. It’s always important to try and resolve disputes internally and directly with your employees. However, for those times when disputes cannot be resolved in house, you may need to resort to an employment tribunal.

Employment tribunals will usually comprise of a panel which includes: an employment judge and two non-legal representatives from the world of business. Witnesses can be called by both the employer and employee and after hearing the case, the panel will reach a  legally-binding decision.

At Parfitt Cresswell, our team of expert employment solicitors are positioned to resolve these issues for you. We’ll take all available steps to avoid a tribunal wherever possible by finding any alternative ways of resolving the dispute. If you do find yourself in the position of having to attend a tribunal, our team of solicitors will ensure you are fully prepared. We’ll make sure that you have all relevant documentation and even obtain any necessary witness statements. From the outset, our solicitors will clearly outline your options and responsibilities so that together we can plan the best course of action for you and your business. Our priority is making sure you and your business are represented fairly and we ensure you are informed and in control throughout the entire process. 

With Employment law changing regularly it can sometimes feel complex and hard to tackle, but at Parfitt Cresswell we break down even the most complicated legislation into easy straightforward terms so you are informed and comfortable throughout the process. If you're facing any disputes in your business and would like to find out what you’re options are, our solicitors offer a free, initial assessment over the phone. So for confidential and friendly advice, contact us today on 0800 999 4437.