Director/shareholder disputes

In any successful business there is
bound to be disagreements and challenges between shareholders and directors.
However sometimes this can lead to a more serious breakdown in communication
and professional relationships. At Parfitt Cresswell our team can help you navigate
the breakdown any relationships so that it doesn’t potentially damage your

Being a director of a business comes with its challenges.
There is a high level of responsibility, as well meeting and dealing with
shareholders who may not share your same ideas. This can lead to not only
differences in opinion but even the future of the business. As well as this
Dividends and bonuses are often source of friction especially if friends or
family members are involved. Not only this but it’s important to consider the
statutory obligations that need to be observed by anyone in office.

At Parfitt Cresswell we will make finding a solution as quickly
and efficiently as possible our number one priority. If any legal action is
required, our team of experts will break down and explain any and all
potential consequences or results from the decision. Whether its passing a
resolution at a general meeting or taking the issue through a mediator, we will
be there every step of the way. Whatever action we take, the process will be
explained to you, breaking down any and all outcomes, timescales and the likely
costs of the process.

If you are facing a dispute in your business contact us today
to begin the process of righting your business.