Contracts and agreements

In the past, a handshake sealed the deal, but in today's business world having the legal documents ensures that when you enter an agreement you and your interests are protected. Our team of solicitors are experts in drafting contracts and other agreements so you know that whatever agreement or deal you sign, you have peace of mind it’s running smoothly.

At Parfitt Cresswell, we know the importance of a well drafted contract.  It sets how your business works with another, with an employee or vendor. When you enter a contract, certain promises and agreements are legally bound to be implemented and completed. The laws of contracts at the heart of most business dealings so it is important to get it right.

Contracts range from the very simple, to increasingly complex. Contracts can simply be a series of documents to “joint and several”. What you want to ensure is that the other party provides the service or upholds the promises they made. If you encounter problems along the way, you’ll rest easier if you know the necessary safeguards are in place. These safeguards not only protect you, but your business and its reputation.

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