We Need to Talk: The Good Divorce Week 2018

The 26th – 30th November 2018 marks the annual awareness raising campaign by Resolution that focuses on minimising the effects of separation and divorce on children.

Divorce and separation can be difficult and emotionally traumatic experience for all concerned. It can cause us to experience many emotions, from sadness and despair to anger and frustration.

Emotions can run high and at times it can lead to us feeling lost and overwhelmed not knowing where to turn.

When separating with children it is important to remember that they too are likely to be experiencing many different emotions as well and it is vital that we communicate with them effectively to ensure that their emotional needs are met.

As members of Resolution our Family Law Experts will help you put your children’s needs first during divorce and separation.


Resolution is committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. It promotes non-confrontational approaches to family matters and its professionals are encouraged to consider the needs of the whole family and in particular the children. To find out more about The Good Divorce Week and Resolution please visit their website by clicking here.