Online divorce

Are online divorce services really a good idea?

By Tina Hylands, Family Law Specialist, Edenbridge 

If you’re in the throes of a relationship breakdown, you may have seen recent news about an even quicker online divorce service.

The Co-op has launched a new service making the whole process even quicker and offering a fixed fee.

Just last year, the Ministry of Justice said that couples can divorce online if they want — as long as both you and your ex are in agreement — in an attempt to save the overloaded court system £250 million a year.

You might be tempted by this service, and wonder if it’s a good idea.

I’d say it very much depends on your circumstances — but if there are no financial issues or children involved, and things are as simple as they can possibly get, it could well be a good option for you.

The Co-op has set its fees at £600, plus £550 for the court fees, so your total divorce cost would be £1,150. If things really are very simple, that’s great — but if there are any complications at all, you’ll get a personal service and individual advice from a solicitor for just a few hundred pounds more. And you wouldn’t have to worry about any of the technicalities.

Alternatively, if things really are that simple, you could get the divorce forms from the court yourself, fill them in with your ex-partner, and just pay the court fee.

In an amicable divorce, you wouldn’t generally have to go to court whatever route you take.

You do have plenty of options, and things are — thankfully — getting simpler for couples who want to go their separate ways.

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